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Brad Golik was the first agent in the nation to introduce “Search Specific” websites through an affiliate company. Based on the buying and searching habits of Portland condominium buyers, Brad’s search specific websites show up in front of serious buyers. This puts Brad’s listings in the “Spotlight” of buyers looking for a new Portland condominium or Pearl District loft! Every agent on the planet will say ” they will market your home online”. We just take it to a whole new level of internet marketing!

Remember, with condominiums and lofts there are NO yard signs or directional signs. The internet is the “yard” sign in the condominium market! So, how does your agent show up on the internet? More important, does any of their listings show up on the common condominium or loft searches? If they don’t specialize with condos… I guarantee they are not showing up. Showing up in a high position on the internet on Google and Bing is not an overnight thing. It takes time and knowledge to have websites show up. And as you will see… we are everywhere! Showing up on a search for “Portland condominiums” was not our goal. We knew this search was to broad and did not really attract the serious buyers we were looking for. This search could be someone looking at a 100,000 condo in Happy Valley, not really our market!  Serious buyers are buyers that are doing research before they buy. They have some idea about what they want. They start to narrow their search down to more specifics. They know they want to live in a certain type of building like The Casey or The Metropolitan. They begin to search these building to check out the amenities, the HOA fees and things like that. These are serious buyers! And these are the buyers we want in front of YOUR listing. One of the ultimate goals was to also create a strong “cross marketing” program for our listings. In other words, someone looking at  would also probably want to look at listings at The  or Park Place. A person that lands on our Casey website might also be directed to a listing we have at or one of our listings at The Metropolitan.

And by the way, when most agents say they market on the internet what most agents mean is they put you on Zillow, Trulia and Craigslist. Yes we also market on all of these websites also, but they are just not as beneficial as our search specific websites. What I often do is to tell sellers to think like a buyer and Bing or Google the common searches like “The Casey condominiums” or “The Henry HOA fees and amenities”. What you won’t find on these common searches are Trulia, Zillow and Craigslist! What you will usually find on page 1 of these searches are our websites… and not just 1, but typically many of our websites show up!

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