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About and Brad Golik of Pearl District Properties are condominium specialist that work primarily in the downtown Portland condominium markets including South Waterfront condos and Pearl District condos and lofts.

Brad was the first agent in the nation to introduce “Search Specific” websites featuring exclusive listings. Brad’s marketing program is now being used by top luxury agents and condo specialist in different parts of the country! If you want the very best marketing program available, Brad Golik will sit down with you and explain the difference between how most Realtors will market your condo and how it will be marketed with Brad will clearly explain such topics as “Every agent on the planet says they will market your home online…what does this REALLY mean?” Another topic that Brad will discuss is why it could cost you more money to list your home with the same agent that helped you buy it! In addition to creating “Search Specific” websites, Brad was also the first agent in the nation to begin using QR Codes to promote his listings.

With a focus on the luxury condo market, Brad has put together the very best marketing program to get YOUR condo sold for the highest possible amount in the shortest time!

Selecting an agent can be a difficult task. With that said, I offer you this tip. Want to find out how good of a job of marketing your condo an agent might do? First find out how well they do marketing themselves! Do a Google search for Portland luxury condo agents. Even better yet, think like a buyer would think. Serious buyers are checking out buildings, amenities and HOA fees for those buildings.  A common search may be Meriwether condos or Meriwether HOA fees. What agent has listings that show up on these searches?

At we believe that for a client to achieve the highest price for their condo or loft, they MUST have the best marketing program available to them! The more people that your condo or loft is exposed to, the better your chances of getting top dollar.


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