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Marketing your condo…Photos, and so much more!


If you have read my blog for any length of time you know that I think it is inexcusable for an agent to list a property without using professional photos! This is one very simple thing an agent can do to make a very big difference. I would say this to anybody thinking of listing their home. If the agent you are thinking about hiring did not use a professional photographer in any one of their last 3 deals, I would not hire that agent! It’s simple, they only need to spend $100 to $500 to make your listing look better and stand a better chance of getting better offers.

I bring up the subject of photos again because it is a part of the overall marketing package that I believe is so important when selling a home. Now we have all heard that Location, location, location are the 3 most important words in real estate. Well that is great if you have a beautiful place in the perfect location, but what if you don’t? If your home is not the perfect place in the perfect location, but you still want top dollar, what do you do? Well I believe good marketing certainly helps! Good marketing usually starts with good photos. Good marketing, I believe, also tells a story. As an example, I am listing a 1 bedroom/2bath unit at McKenzie Lofts tomorrow. The unit is actually large for a 1 bedroom condo at 1233 square feet. Even though this is a large 1 bedroom unit, 1233 square feet is still small for someone who might be downsizing from a 4800 square foot home in Lake Oswego. When I talk about telling a story, this is a good example of what I try to do. Because you can only have so many photos when marketing a condo this size, I try to also sell the idea of where they might be living as well. In this video

I really try to sell potential buyers on living in the Pearl District as much as I am trying to sell the condo. Additionally, I will ask buyer’s where they spend most of their time in their 4800 square foot home? The answer is almost always Kitchen, Family Room and Master Bedroom. Well, this is pretty much the condo, so really they will be able to adjust to the size issue pretty well. And when you paint the picture of their new lifestyle of living in the Pearl District, the size issues usually go away. There is so much more to selling a condo then sticking it in the MLS and waiting. To me, marketing a condo or loft and painting an “emotional” picture for potential buyers is what helps a unit sell for top dollar!


Brad Golik is condo listing specialist with Pearl District Properties and



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