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You don’t know what you don’t know!


Yesterday I was in a coffee shop waiting to meet some clients to show some condos.

While waiting, I got a call from someone who had received a packet of information from me about selling their Pearl District condo. While speaking on the phone, I noticed the lady sitting next to me was listening to my conversation about selling condos.

After I got off the phone she apologized to me but said she could not help over hearing my conversation. The reason she was listening was that she said she had recently sold a condo in one of San Francisco’s nice high rises and she was very unhappy with the agent that she used. She said that she was very surprised in listening to my conversation because she said her agent did almost none of what I was saying on the phone. One of the things she heard me say several times was about “Promoting their condo in the best light and really making it stand out from the others on the market!” She said that she selected the agent because he was referred to her from a co-worker. She said she also did not select an agent that was sending her information about the San Francisco condo market for some time and that in hindsight, she wish she had used that agent because she later found out that he was a very good agent in the San Francisco condo market.

A person once told me, “There are many people who don’t know what they don’t know.” When I first heard that phrase I think my first words were ”Huh?” But in truth, there are many people (condo owners) who don’t know that there are better ways out there. Like the lady selling her San Francisco condo, she did not know that there were agents that did such a better job in marketing condos than the typical agent. As I told her, doesn’t it make sense to use an agent who specializes with condos and an agent that has marketing already in place to target condo buyers everyday?

Many of you out there might select the agent that helped you buy the condo originally or the agent that was referred to you by someone else because we “Don’t know what we don’t know”. We may not know that the Lake Oswego agent that was referred to us has very little experience selling condos. We may not know that even though a particular agent has sold many new condos, she rarely has ever used professional photos and does not do a very good job in the marketing of resale condos. The reason they often get selected is that many sellers did not know that there was a better way.

Once a person is “in the know”, I believe they will never go back! In other words, when a condo owner knows that instead of hiring a typical put it in the MLS and wait agent, they could hire an agent that specializes in condos who always uses professional photos, always does a high quality video for their listings, is an expert in internet marketing ( which by the way , is where 95% of condo buyers start) always uses professional graphics and has a marketing program that targets condo buyers everyday… why would they NOT hire this agent?

Especially now that these condo owners now “know what they know”!


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