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Working with a Condo Specialist…Retraction?

In a recent post I discussed my opinion on the pricing of a new listing that came on the market. To me, the importance of writing in a blog, is to give your unbiased opinion on a subject matter that you know something about. In this last post, I mentioned specific unit numbers and I apparently offended an agent and possibly the owners of the unit I mentioned. My purpose of this blog is certainly not meant to offend anyone at anytime, but to give good sound advice that people can follow to make good decisions when buying or selling a condominium in downtown Portland. My comments were based solely on the comps that I was looking at for some prospective buyers. In real estate, there is an ethical code of conduct to follow. I will always do my best to follow these codes to be the best professional that I can be. Writing in a blog can b a tricky thing. You don’t want to offend a seller in any way but you also want to protect possible buyers by giving your professional opinion. There is a very fine line between what is acceptable and what is not. For now, I will have conversations with our corporate attorney and management to discuss what is allowed and what is not. For now, I will not mention specific, active unit numbers but will continue to share my opinion on the Portland condo market.

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