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In my most recent blog post I wrote about the importance of professional photos when listing your home. Not to beat a dead horse…. We are going to talk about it again. Why? Because I had so many people respond to my last post it seems to be a topic of interest. The biggest question I got from readers was” Does it really make a difference?”  The answer: a big fat YES!

If I have clients in town for the weekend and I am setting up a tour and I have limited time to show them units, I am going to show them ones that I have been in that I like as well as new ones on the market. The new ones will get narrowed down by how they are presented. Again, with limited time, I cannot show every listing. The ones with the WOW factor in the pictures and also look like they are priced well will go to the top of the list…which means the ones that have bad photos and are not presented well go to the bottom! Many times these condos will not even get shown! They may be a very nice unit, but, because the agent did not spend the time or money to make it stand out, it doesn’t get shown. Many of you now know that it is upsetting to me when an agent takes on a high priced property and can’t bother to spend a few hundred dollars to present that property in it’s best light…case in point… this week a $2,050,000 listing at The Casey came on the market and… you guessed it, the agent used a point and shoot camera that produced just plain bad photos. The pictures were dark, no wide angle to show the size of the unit and flashback in the windows. There is no excuse for this!


Below you will see an example of a townhome I just listed this weekend. It was previously on the market before and did not get a lot of showings. Could it have been the pictures? It very well could have been. But we also believe that when we list a home it needs to be a full marketing program…great pictures, a video, good marketing to other agents and quality graphics on anything that goes out to people. We feel that if our name is on it…it needs to be high quality which in turn, helps our listings stand out from the crowd!

Bad Real Estate Photos

Good Real Estate Photos

In these photos, taken of the same rooms, which one would you want to look at if you were buying? Which one shows off the beauty of the hardwood floors? Which one shows off the height of the bedroom ceiling and the fantastic views? And which bathroom could you see spending time in? And BTW, never, never, never have photos with guinea pig cages in them !

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