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The On site real estate agent.

So, you own a condo in a newer building that has wrapped up selling it’s units or it is getting close to that point. You are thinking about selling your condo so you are thinking about hiring, as your listing agent, one of the nice salespeople that works for the developer because you see them in the building and they always wave and say “Hi”. Is this a good thing to do or bad?

Well, if you want to hire a nice person and don’t really care about how good of marketing job your listing agents does, hire the onsite agent to sell your condo.

If you want the very best marketing program available, chances are very high that it won’t happen by working with an onsite real estate agent.

Lets talk about the facts first:

1) Yes, these agents are ALWAYS very friendly! Have you ever bought a large ticket item where the salesperson wasn’t overly friendly?

2) Onsite agents rarely are used to paying for any marketing as it has always been done by the developer of their building. I very rarely see a good job of marketing by an onsite agent. They just don’t spend the money! Here is a good example about what I am talking about.  Today, a units in the $700,000 price range at the Encore, came on the market. It was listed by one of the Encore onsite agents.  First let’s start by looking at the all important real estate photos ( over and over again it has been shown that good photographs help get a seller a higher price). First, lets look at the photos taken by the local onsite agent.

Next, let’s look at another listing where the agent used a professional photographer. Huge difference in brightness, clarity and quality of photos. First impression can be everything!

The onsite agent obviously did not spend any money for professional photos. Instead she choose to use her own point and shoot camera. ( did I mention that this is a $785,000 condo in which the agent stands to make about $20,000)  Wouldn’t you think that an agent that gets paid a good amount of money for “Marketing” the listing would at least spend a few hundred dollars to make her clients listing stand out and have a great 1st impression? By the way, this same agent has gotten several million dollar listings and the photos for these million dollar listings were just as bad. Now you have to ask yourself, should I hire this person because she is nice? I know of many very good real estate agents who are also very nice… but they also do a very professional job.

3) You will not find any onsite agent online when searching for condos. (which also means you will not find their listings!)  Agents that are good at marketing, and spending a great deal of money to do so, will show up on typical searches for condos. And if these same agents are skilled at internet marketing, your listing will have a better shot at landing in front of the right buyers!

At , we believe that to do a good job of marketing someone’s home, you must spend money to do a good job. As a condo specialist, we believe that we spend more on our internet marketing than the top 5 condo specialist combined! Why do we do this? We do it to give your condo listing the very best exposure that is possible. We will not cut corners by not hiring a professional photographer, nor will we not spend substantial money for marketing your home on the internet. You are hiring us to do a great marketing job to sell your condo…and that is what we are going to go!

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