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Selling your Portland Condominium?

Selling your Portland condo?

Spring is here and it is a great time for those who have been thinking about selling to move forward. How do you go about selecting an agent to list your condo or loft? Here is what I see happen quite often. Many people will use a the agent that helped them originally purchase the condo. Others will get referrals from friends or family based on the job that they had done with them. Here is the problem with this, either of these agents may have done an ok job assisting you or your friends  with a home out in the suburbs, but they are not a specialist. When selling a condo or loft in the city, it is VERY important to work with someone who specializes with condos… and here is why:

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As a condo specialist, my focus everyday is on condos, condo buyers and condo marketing!  The biggest consideration you should give to an agents is how well does he/she do with internet marketing. After all, there are no yard signs with condos and lofts. The internet is were a majority of the condo buyers are coming from. If an agent does not have a strong internet presence … your listing also won’t have a strong internet presence either! One thing you will find out very quickly is that EVERY agent on the planet will tell you they will market your condo on the internet.

I have been at this for some time now and the one thing I can tell you with 100% accuracy is that a typical real estate agent who is selling residential homes in Lake Oswego one day and then Beaverton the next cannot flip a switch on and become an expert overnight at marketing to condo buyers, it just doesn’t work this way. If you know even just a little about internet marketing, you will know this to be true! As a condominium specialist, I have spent much time and money developing an internet marketing program that gets listings in front of serious buyers. And when I say serious buyers, I don’t mean someone that gets on Google or Bing and searches Portland Condos. These are buyers who may be in the very starting phase of research and not really very serious… it took me sometime to realize this! Serious buyers are those who are researching things on the internet… and ALL buyers are doing this now! They go to Bing and Google and begin to research on specific buildings they think they may like. They begin to search to see what the amenities are at the building, they search to find out about the HOA fees at the building. Many buyers are doing this well before they hire a buyers agent to work with. Buyers are smarter than ever before and as your listing agent, our goal is to make sure that YOUR listing is in front of these serious buyers and when it is, to make sure it is presented in a special way that makes it stand out from the other hundreds of condos in the market! At , we have close to 80 Portland condominium and loft websites that we use to attract serious buyers. We use these websites to “cross market”  to buyers and our websites currently generate over 2500 visitors a month who are looking for specific condo information.

Most typical agents say they will market your home on the internet and this is what they usually mean. They will place your condo on their corporate website, the MLS,, Trulia and Zillow. Now don’t get me wrong, it is important to have your listings on these websites and yes, I do feature all of my listings on these websites as well. But… it is not nearly enough! When someone gets on Google to search for “The Henry HOA fees” or “What amenities does The Casey have” these websites don’t show up! What does show up? Usually not just 1 of our sites, but typically 5-6 of our websites on page 1 of a search and 1 of these  websites  will be featuring your condo! Go ahead and check: Search Google for “Benson Tower HOA fees”. What do you find? One of our current listings at the top of the list!

If you are selling your Portland condo I encourage you to work with a condominium specialist at the very least! There are a handful of agents who specialize with condos. Of these agents, there are only a few that really do have a strong internet presence.  These few agents are getting between 1500 to 2500 condo visitors a month to their websites. This alone should put these agents way ahead in the marketing department compared to a typical real estate agent that wants to sell your condo. Again, a typical agent cannot flip on a switch and become an expert overnight at marketing to condo buyers! And this includes agents who may have been referred to you.

At we would like to interview for the job of selling your condominium or loft and show how we are different.

In real estate, it is remarkable how much mediocrity people will live with, maybe it is because they don’t realize what else is out there.  I  believe that average is NOT acceptable and I want to show you what else is available to you when it is time for you to sell your condo! Don’t settle for mediocrity!

Serving buyers and sellers in all price ranges in the mid to high rise condominium markets.
Brad Golik

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