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The Envoy Penthouse …back on the market!

The Envoy Penthouse is back on the market …. and the price has not dropped! Unit #800 at The Envoy came back on the market recently, priced again at $2,995,000 after over 700 days on the market! This is slightly higher than the penthouse at The Westerly, priced at $2,950,000 that we recently wrote about. So, if you were in the market for a Portland luxury penthouse, which one looks more attractive? I would have to say in my opinion these are the two best penthouse condos on the market right now. Clearly better units than the penthouse units available at The Eliot, The Benson and Encore.

Let’s compare just these two for comparisons sake. The Envoy penthouse does have the most square footage of any penthouse on the market right now at 5,026 square feet. But, how important is this in comparison to the square footage at The Westerly penthouse which has 3,662? I don’t believe it’s a huge selling point because most people looking to buy a luxury penthouse are downsizing from their existing 4000 to 8000 sq. ft homes. They really don’t need the massive space that they need to take care of. While the deck of The Envoy is very large, I believe the 2 decks at The Westerly offer more than enough outdoor entertaining space.

Now to me, what REALLY puts The Westerly penthouse out front are the views! People are willing to pay more money for a dead on easterly, Mt. Hood ,city view and that is what you get with the Westerly penthouse.( The larger picture above is from the deck of The Westerly penthouse!) If I am spending over $2,000,000 for any condo, it better have some of the best city views available, and this one does. Unlike the penthouses in the Pearl, this one actually looks over the Pearl and downtown Portland! The view at The Envoy view actually looks up to The Westerly penthouse and has more of a northern view… just not as desirable!

*Above photos are interior of The Westerly penthouse*
Also, of importance is that while the interior of The Envoy penthouse is spectacular (amazing kitchen), the building itself is quite old (1929) while The Westerly is a brand new building. Finally, the 4 bedrooms are nice to have at The Envoy, but probably not necessary for someone looking to downsize. Of more importance in this price category is the fact that the Westerly has 4 covered parking spaces compared to 2 at the Envoy( + 2 uncovered).

All in all, for me, the spectacular views are what makes The Westerly penthouse the winner over The Envoy penthouse. Everybody does have their own personal preferences so I would say if you are considering a Portland luxury condominium to purchase, give me a call  and we can get out and take a look at all of the available penthouses on the market and you can make the best decision from that point! I do specialize in the Portland luxury condominium market so give me a call if you are ready to see some of Portland’s finest luxury condominiums!

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