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Remember that $110,000,000 condo for sale?

One 57 New YorkIt Sold!

While it did not get the asking price of $110,000,000, it did set records for New York real estate!
See the details here

So what does this do for Portland condominiums for sale? Not a thing! But one thing it does show is that there is some confidence coming back into the market. From New York to LA to Portland, things are starting to move. In Portland, we are at the lowest level of inventory for Portland condominiums for sale that we have seen for years! What does this mean in the market place? If you have thought about selling your South Waterfront condominium or Pearl District loft, now is the time!  For someone that wants to sell, you will now be able to push the price a bit because of the lack of inventory. For buyers, rates are incredible and patient buyers will be able to find true values when they come on the market. One important thing to note is that if you are thinking about buying a Portland condo or loft, work with a condo specialist! A condo and loft specialist is in the condo market everyday and really knows a value when it comes on the market. If you are selling, wouldn’t you rather have an agent marketing your property to the people they are marketing to everyday…condo buyers!
If you know of someone that is thinking about selling their Portland condo or loft, please put them in touch with Brad Golik and From Atwater Place in Southwaterfront, The Westerly in NW Portland, or to  937 Condominiums, The Casey or The Metropolitan in The Pearl District, we have one of the most unique and effective marketing programs for those looking to sell their condominium for top dollar.


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