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There are no Yard Signs with Condos!

Portland condominiums and lofts do not benefit from drive by traffic in the way that free standing homes do. The reason, well it’s pretty simple, there are no yard signs or directional signs with condominiums and lofts! Almost 100% of buyer traffic for condos comes through the internet!

What does this mean for someone about ready to sell their Portland condo or loft? It means the real estate agent you choose to list your condo better have great internet presence!

Now keep this in mind, agents have gotten very good in their listing presentations about making it sound like they are internet marketing experts.  In fact, I would say it’s pretty standard for most agents to say “ Your listing will be posted on 10 different websites and be seen all over the world!”  While this may sound good to the client, the reality of it is that it is more smoke and mirrors than reality!

Everybody has listings placed on the typical websites like, Trulia, Zillow and Craigslist just to name a few. Any good agent will have his listings on these websites so it is really nothing special that the agent is doing. The key here is…. Do they have websites that show up under the most common searches for condominiums? Serious condo buyers will search buildings…The Henry Condominiums, or they will check out the buildings HOA fee and it’s amenities…The Casey HOA fees, or Meriwether HOA fees and amenities. When you do these common searches do you see ANY of the above websites on page 1 of Google?
The Casey PortlandWhat you do see is OUR “Search Specific” websites… and they are everywhere! ( in the example above, the top 5 are our websites)  And it is our clients listings that will be the listings that stand out in front of the serious buyers.

Another consideration for selling your condo is if the agent you are using has an IDX fed  website…but this is another topic we will discuss later.

Coming soon…. The Metropolitan Portland… one of Portland’s finest!

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